Secure KVM - NIAP Certified Secure KVMs - Profile Protection 3.0

Are Your Systems Vulnerable?

Security breaches to computer systems have touched every level of industry and government. Protecting vulnerable data systems from internal and external cyber security threats is of paramount importance.

Desktop Security Threats

The Weak Desktop

Desktops are a commonly overlooked weak point in the network. The desktop is where USB drives, keyboard hotkeys, and mouse clicks can result in data theft or leakage. It is also the point where access to servers of varying government classification levels converge.

Secure KVMs are the last line of defense

relied upon by those tasked with meeting Government IT security protocols.

Secure KVMs - Isolated channels ensure top level security

Ensure High-Level Desktop Security

IOGEAR Secure KVM Switches ensure maximum information security while sharing a single keyboard, mouse, speaker set and authorized CAC and Biometrics readers.

  • - Controlled USB Port Access
  • - CAC & Biometrics Support
  • - Push-Button Port Selection
  • - Isolated Channel Per Port
  • - Keyboard Buffer Clears

Established security profiles call for systems that make it easy to identify any physical tampering of the KVM. IOGEAR’s Secure KVMs support an active tamper-proof system.

  • - Tamper-Evident Seals
  • - Active Chassis Intrusion Detection
  • - Tamper-Proof Hardware Components
  • - Non-Reprogrammable Firmware
  • - Rugged, Full Metal Chassis

IOGEAR Secure KVMs Switches support exceptional versatility and resolutions up to Ultra-HD for a wide variety of monitor connections.

  • - 2-, 4- and 8-Port Single & Dual-View
  • - Up to 4K UHD Video Resolutions
  • - Connect DisplayPort, DVI or HDMI
  • - Secure Analog Audio Input
  • - Multi-Platform Software Support

Common Criteria Certified

Secure KVM Switches are NIAP validated to Protection Profile for Peripheral Sharing Switches v3.0. The rigorous certification process guarantees the Switches comply with the latest security requirements for U.S. national security systems.

NIAP - Common Criteria Certificate